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We can help with
  • Founding of Companies and Associations

    We provide advice on the legal form of the business and on all necessary contracts and accompany you all the way to the finished company or association.

  • Funding and Financing

    Development costs even for smaller games can skyrocket to unimaginable heights. Unfortunately, it is often not possible to realize one’s own vision only by bootstrapping and working on one’s own. We help to identify and apply for the various funding and financing options to secure and support the development financially.

  • Development Contracts

    We draft, structure and review contracts between developers and publishers, on the use of open source software, game engines, on the licensing of assets, between developers and freelancers, and much more.

  • Copyright Law

    We advise on all copyright issues related to game development, esports and streaming.

  • Trademark Law

    The protection of intellectual property is fundamental for the success of developers and publishers. Advising on all issues related to the acquisition and protection of trademarks and designs is one of our firm’s core practice areas. We therefore assist in developing the best strategy for securing and enforcing your rights, both domestically and internationally.

  • Esports

    We advise on all aspects of esports, be it questions regarding the implementation and marketing of esports events, the founding of associations and clans, contracts with players or about sponsorship, advertising and merchandising rights.

  • Data Protection

    Since a large number of games are also targeted at children and youths, data protection poses a particular challenge in the case of gaming and esports. We offer the full range of legal consultation on data protection.

  • Employment Law

    Our extensive experience in employment law allows us to advise you on all issues related to the drafting and negotiation of contracts in game development and esports.

  • Dispute Resolution

    Unfortunately, going to court cannot always be avoided. We pool our litigation experience gained over the past 25 years to assist you in the legal enforcement of and defense against all claims.

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