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  • Drafting of contracts

    We advise companies on the contractual design of their implementation and development projects. This includes the initial drafting of IT contracts or the evaluation and adaptation of our client’s draft contracts.

  • Agile projects

    We have been supporting agile software projects for years, from the drafting of contracts to the implementation. We are familiar with the established methods and offer legal solutions for the mutual interests of the contracting parties in an agile project.

  • Contract negotiations

    We support our clients in the negotiation of IT contracts and are committed to the contractual implementation of their interests. This includes legal preparation and subsequent contract management.

  • Compliance requirements

    Our project consulting services also include the identification of special compliance requirements, for example from data protection or IT security law.

  • IT-Outsourcing

    We advise companies on the outsourcing of their own IT resources. This includes the consulting and contractual design of projects for the external software-supported handling of business processes, for example by means of cloud services or the outsourcing of hardware.

  • Project failure

    If an IT project goes awry, we are there to ensure the success of the project. To this end, we conduct the necessary discussions with the other contractual party and negotiate supplementary agreements if necessary. If the success of the project is no longer achievable, we will also assert your interests out of court.

  • Platforms and digitisation

    We support companies in their platform and other digitisation projects. We take care of the necessary agreements and other legal texts and ensure that all legal requirements are met in the interest of our clients.

  • Licence agreements

    Another important factor for the long-term success of an IT project is the clear legal granting of the necessary rights of use, ultimately to ensure the protection of software and databases. We advise on the scope of licence agreements and draft them. In doing so, we keep an eye on any special requirements resulting from the use of third-party or open source software.

  • Employment and corporate law issues

    Depending on the project, further legal questions may arise in addition to the actual project implementation. We provide advice on the employment and corporate law issues in the project.

  • Public sector

    IT projects in the public sector are subject to special requirements. We advise public clients on special legal issues during the implementation of projects, for example in connection with public procurement law or other administrative law requirements.

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