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Kenny Janssens studied Law and East Asian Studies / Modern China at the Georg-August University in Göttingen. This was followed by his legal clerkship at the Regional Court of Kassel, during which he worked for several months as a legal assistant at G2 Esports in Berlin and was responsible for drafting employment and service contracts, among other things.

Since 2022, he has been working as a lawyer with a passion for employment law and e-sports & gaming law at HÄRTING. He pursues the goal of supporting his clients in legal matters and helping them to obtain their rights with in-depth specialist knowledge and an economic approach.


Key areas:

  1. drafting contracts: Whether employment contracts, termination agreements or freelance contracts – he drafts customized contracts that are legally secure and take his clients’ interests into account in the best possible way.
  2. remuneration systems: The right remuneration is crucial for motivating and retaining employees. The organization of individual remuneration models that meet the needs of the company and its employees is of particular importance.
  3. litigation: He represents the interests of his clients in employment law disputes. His competent and goal-oriented representation in court ensures that his clients’ rights and interests are effectively defended. He always takes into account the economic and strategic aspects in order to achieve optimal results.
  4. collective employment law: collective agreements, works agreements and co-determination rights – he represents employers in collective negotiations.
  5. employment data protection: In today’s digital world, employee data protection is a key issue – he advises companies on the legally compliant processing of employee data and supports them in the implementation of data protection guidelines.
  6. E-Sport & Gaming: As an enthusiastic gamer and expert in the e-sports industry, he specializes in legal issues relating to the contractual structure of e-sports, in particular player and sponsor contracts.

He is a reliable and valuable partner in every respect, with a deep understanding of employment law issues and a clear focus on the interests of his clients.