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We can help with
  • Permits

    From emissions control and special use permits to beverage dispensing permits, we help with applications, securing and enforcing in court and/or defending against complaints from residents or other third parties.

  • Building law issues

    We examine and advise on typical building law issues relating to events and provide support with building applications and advice on safety and fire safety concepts.

  • Questions of liability

    We review contractual and other risks and help to identify and minimise risks, define responsibilities and allocate liability risks on the basis of contracts.

  • Sports contracts

    We advise and support in the drafting and negotiation of all types of contracts within the sports industry, e.g. athlete/player contracts, sponsoring and advertising contracts, media contracts, event contracts, consultancy contracts.

  • Rights and licences

    Images, brands, naming rights, music, content. We help when rights need to be established, transferred or enforced in the sports and event sector. We draft and negotiate licence agreements.

  • Media & PR

    Sports, events and the media: we help when things go wrong in the media presentation of artists, athletes, managers or institutions (hier: Verlinkung zur Rubrik “Presse & Medien”), we advise on broadcasting rights and public viewing projects.

  • Privacy

    Data protection issues also arise in the sports and events sector, whether in advertising concepts, customer relations, loyalty programmes, guest management or when sensitive data from the areas of health, sexual abuse, doping or corruption is involved. We offer a full range of advice on data protection law.

  • Advertising | Marketing

    Sports and events are financed by a combination of advertising, sponsoring and marketing. We help to put advertising partnerships and marketing ideas on a secure legal footing. For instance, we assist with influencer and social media campaigns, competitions, cooperation with endorsements or advertising in public spaces.

  • Licences

    We assist in the drafting of licence agreements, chain of title and/or individual clauses to obtain and transfer rights and obligations.

  • E-sports

    We provide advice on all aspects of E-sports, be it questions regarding the implementation and marketing of E-sports events, the founding of clans, contracts with players or advertising and merchandising rights.

  • Digitalisation | Emerging Technologies

    Wearables, VR/AR, Blockchain, Smart Venues, and Virtual Advertising: Digitisation is both the present and the future of the sports and events industry. We support and advise on all legal questions concerning these topics.


  • Ticketing

    We advise on all ticketing issues, whether it be contracts with ticket agencies, ticket competitions or ticket black market trading.

  • GEMA and GVL (German royalty collection societies)

    We assist artists and authors from the contract of perception to the examination of claims, payments and the distribution of royalties.

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