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How does the GDPR affect Switzerland? What is the future of the legal profession and how does digitisation influence the profession? What opportunities does it offer at the same time? What makes De la Cruz Beranek Rechtsanwälte AG so successful?

These and other questions were answered by partners Nicole Beranek Zanon and Carmen De la Cruz of De la Cruz Beranek Rechtsanwälte AG from Zug in an interview with WWL.

According to Nicole Beranek Zanon, the firm’s success is based on its focus on client needs and specialisation in the fields of technology law, such as data protection and data security. Above all, however, the personal interest in the development of information technologies and their impact on legal principles drives both partners to top performance.

And not only the clients of de la cruz Rechtsanwälte AG appreciate this. On the one hand, the firm has already been voted among the top 10 Swiss law firms focusing on information, technology and telecommunications twice (read article). On the other hand, the WWL: Thought Leaders Guide shows the expertise and knowledge of practitioners who have received the highest number of nominations from specialist colleagues and in-house lawyers in their fields.

When asked what their customers’ biggest concerns were, Carmen De la Cruz replied that the implementation of the new European data protection regulation was a top priority. Particularly in view of the upcoming new Federal Data Protection Act, which is likely to be up to 95% compliant with GDPR. Furthermore, “most Swiss companies fall within the scope of the GDPR because they provide services and/or products to customers in the EU or collect information from Internet users via their websites,” adds Nicole Beranek Zanon.


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