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The SF-FS is using the half-anniversary of the GDPR as an opportunity to look not only backwards, but also into the future: At the 7th Data Protection Law Conference on 24 May 2023 at the Sihlpost Education Centre, Zurich, the focus will be on the direction in which the legal rules on the use of personal data are moving.

First, a series of top-class speakers will provide an overview of the decisions and developments in Switzerland and the EU since the last data protection law conference. This will be followed by a discussion of fundamental questions: What about responsibility for data protection in the company? What are the most important new rules for the data and digital economy in the EU? And how do they affect Switzerland? Afterwards, in a panel and plenary discussion, we will explore the question of where data protection is heading, how the trends towards opening up access and enabling the use of data can be reconciled with existing data protection law and what this means for practice.

– NICOLE BERANEK ZANON, Attorney at Law, Zug
– LUCA DAL MOLIN, Attorney at Law, Zurich
– ROMAN JEDELE, Google Switzerland
– DAVID ROSENTHAL, Legal Counsel, Zurich
– Dr. CHRISTIAN SCHRÖDER, Attorney at Law, Düsseldorf
– Prof. Dr. FLORENT THOUVENIN, University of Zurich
– Dr. DAVID VASELLA, Attorney at Law, Zurich

Registration is online: For further information, please see the flyer.