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The tool developed by ENISA is designed to help users identify threats and prioritise key security areas. The tool is available at

The tool provides a comprehensive overview of security procedures developed by ENISA on IoT, Industry 4.0 and Smart Infrastructures such as Smart Cars, Smart Airports, Smart Hospitals and Smart Cities.

In addition, the ENISA reports that have already been published are shown for each subject area. The tool also enables comparisons between different IoT sectors.

When implementing IoT, each parameter or filter of the tool addresses the following issues:

  • What threat groups do you want to protect your business against?
  • Which security domains do you want to cover?
  • Which categories of security measures are relevant to you?
  • What security standards and best practices would you like to consider when securing the IoT in your organization?

On the main page, users can select a topic and identify relevant threats, standards or security measures. The tool accepts one or more search criteria to generate results. The tool also provides the ability to print search results or export them for further use.