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We can help with
  • Subsidies

    We answer questions about grants and support programmes, bridging and emergency aid, questions about reduced hours working and tax deferrals and help you with your application. Our Corona team also provides regular information about new aid measures on our social media channels.

  • Compensation following closure orders

    We believe that tradespeople are entitled to compensation from the Government if they are affected by closures and other serious corona restrictions.

  • Insurance cover

    Insurance companies covering business closure and legal expenses often believe that the pandemic provides a reason not to pay out. We have encountered this problem dozens of times already and found that in most cases persistence pays off; it often makes sense to insist that the (very expensive) insurance benefits are paid out.

  • Catering and hotel industry

    The Covid-19 virus is having a dramatic impact on the whole economy. One of the areas severely affected is the catering industry. For this reason, we are paying special attention to the problems of this sector as a consequence of the corona crisis.

  • Employment law

    The consequences of the Covid-19 virus also affect employers and workers. The following is therefore an overview of short-time working, the employer’s options under employment law in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic and much more.

    More about our expertise in labour law here.

  • Tenancy law

    If commercial premises cannot be used as a result of Corona measures, then a rent reduction may be considered. The first rulings on this issue are expected shortly. We will answer questions about rent payments.

  • Company law

    Corporate law is also affected by the coronavirus. In the following we will inform you about virtual meetings and voting.

    More about our advice on corporate law here.

  • Sports, events and culture

    For many years now we have enjoyed a close relationship with the event industry, with festivals, fairs, conferences and congresses, but also with culture, theatres, musicians, actors, DJs, clubs and agencies. So it goes without saying that we have been providing help and advice with our free helpline since 16 March.

    More about our expertise in sports and event law here.

  • Data protection law

    Home office, visitor lists, Covid-19 cases at work, etc. Our data protection experts will help you with all questions regarding the protection of your data or the data of your employees.

    More about our expertise on data protection law here.

  • Intellectual Property (IP)

    The coronavirus also influences the work of patent and trademark offices worldwide.

    More about our expertise on intellectual property rights here.

  • Contract law

    Now that summer is over, almost all events are prohibited again. We give advice on the interpretation of contracts and answer questions about cancellation fees.

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Procedural law

If legal proceedings cannot be avoided or are the preferred remedy, then you need to bring in the experts. We have consolidated 25 years of experience in litigation in a powerful team in order to bring even large and complicated cases to a successful conclusion.

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Court proceedings

We are familiar with more than just substantive law. We are also well versed in asserting or defending your rights. In close consultation with you, we develop the appropriate tactics for each situation in order to represent and assert your interests, either before German state courts or private arbitration tribunals.

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