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Dieses Webinar findet auf Englisch statt. | This webinar will be held in english.

On June 13th at 4 pm CET Paula Zimmermann will give a webinar on the topic „Tech M&A and ESG“ in cooperation with ITECHLAW.

Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) criteria are a driving factor when it comes to attracting capital, thus need to be thoroughly considered and evaluated in detail in the course of a merger, or rather when identifying a target.

The good news is figures have to be made available by companies of various industries. As such the EU is constantly introducing new (parts of) laws that require companies to report on environmental and social matters whereby the reporting must be based on reliable figures so that the statements of the companies in this area are comparable and reliable. The overarching goal is to „force“ the economy via finance (investors and providers of financial products) towards sustainability.

The challenge in the context of a merger is identifying a company`s ESG-strategy, what laws apply, how the target fits into or may even contribute to that profile and if not, what are the legal risks implied.

This Webinar will provide the audience with an introduction to the topic of ESG, focusing on the „E“ in ESG, followed by a comprehensive overview of the current regulatory landscape. Both, legislation in the EU and a few examples of local legislation, will be outlined as well as the legal risks associated with insufficient compliance with these obligations. Finally, the challenges as well as practical tips for consideration and implementation of ESG criteria that arise in the context of tech mergers will be mapped out.

To register for the webinar follow this link.