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On December 13th Nicole Beranek Zanon is speaking at the next virtual Iapp Knowledgenet Zürich about Adapting to the new normal: privacy lessons learned in 2021 and challenges ahead in 2022.

The Topics included in Nicole Beranek Zanons Presentation will be:

  • Data has become the asset, for whom? Why look at it from a strategic point of view?
  • Are DPIA + TIA helpful for the risk evaluation?
  • When should be started with the implementation of the FADP and what does it bring us?
  • How shall we implement AI to safeguard data subjects rights and be compliant with data protection?

This Presentation is part of the virtual Iapp Knowledgenet Zürich. In this all-female panel discussion each speaker will analyse the major lessons learned in 2021 – from remote workingto cyberattacksto green pass dilemmasas well as the major challenges that lie ahead in the upcoming year.

If these topics have piqued your interest be sure to register for the virtual Iapp KnowledgeNet Zürich here.