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NFTs are on everyone’s lips. The headlines fluctuate between investment speculation and technological miracle cure. NFTs are used where a digital object is to be marked as an original individual piece. So, how about songs as NFTs on the blockchain? The speaker devotes this webinar to the issue of how music as NFT fits into our legal framework. Will NFTs shake up the music industry in Switzerland?

Hot or not - Music as Non Fungible Token (NFT) and its legal framework

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The webinar tackles these topics:

  • Wherein lies the appeal for music as NFT from the perspective of the musician or the consumer?
  • Claiming copyright royalties: Status Quo vs. the world of NFTs
  • What “raison d’être” remains for collecting rights societies when music is made available on the blockchain?
  • What should a “smart-contract” for a piece of music on the blockchain look like?

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