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NFTs are on everyone’s lips. Massive sales for a digital product only because it is sold with a NFT. The headlines fluctuate between investment speculation and technological miracle cure. NFTs are used where a digital object is to be marked as an original individual piece. So, what exactly is behind this trend? The speakers devotes this webinar to some questions like if NFTs fit into our legal framework. Will NFTs be the next big step in digitalization? Tune in and find out.

The webinar tackles these topics:

  • What exactly are NFTs?
  • How are NFTs created and how can they attribute value?
  • What legal issues arise in connection with NFTs?
  • What requirements must be observed when trading NFTs?
  • What rights actually underlie an NFT?
  • What is the current legal framework around NFTs, if there is any?

If these questions have piqued your interest, you can register here for the webinar taking place on November 24, 2021 at 5 pm.