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Philipp Schroeder-Ringe will speak at the online World Technology Law Conference „ITechLaw“ on June 8, 14:15-15:25 (CEST).

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„Platform Liability: Free Speech vs. Managed Censorship, and the Future of the Internet“

The current protections afforded to platform providers like Twitter and Facebook date back to the 1990s and shaped the Internet. Section 230 in the U.S., and similar provisions throughout much of the world, freed up platform providers to make content widely available without fear of (meaningful) liability – creating history’s largest public square for exchanging ideas. But in light of recent history, do we think the broad protection afforded to platform providers is: (i) responsible for everything that is wrong with the Internet; or (ii) all that stands between us and a much-diminished version of the Internet? Among other things, our expert panelists will discuss:

* support for and the backlash against these protections;
* legislative responses in the U.S., E.U. and elsewhere; and
* the future of the Internet.

Here you can find the full agenda.